There’s a story there, for sure!

Photo of the Day:  I’ve been sitting at my computer all week….newsletters, data bases, power points, etc.  Today it’s an amazingly beautiful day.  The need to drop everything I was doing and take a walk in the woods was a must!  So with camera in hand…I set out…wondering what “gem” I was going to find to capture on film.  It’s beautiful with all the colors of fall.  I got some great shots, ones that could be enlarged and hung on anyones living room wall.  As I was walking through the woods, I was reminded how I’m such a details person…always looking for that awesome photo of something no one else would see.  My eyes down, focusing on small things….Yet I forget to look up, and see the bigger picture – all the colors, all the shadows, all the movement.  Uhmmmm, there’s a deep spiritual truth there – maybe a blog for another day.   So after spending an awesome time in the forest…here is the picture I choose to share.   There’s a Story here…..


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