The Christmas Markets are coming…..wait…they’re HERE!

How many of you out there know what I’m talking about?    I KNOW…’s so exciting!   Christmas in Germany (and France because we live only 15 mins. away) is pretty magical.  I love the decorated streets, the hanging light-up paper stars, our little neighborhood man who has already started selling greenery and trees (mostly, I think, for all the Americans who have to start putting up their Christmas trees right after Thanksgiving.   I’ve been told, it is more typical for Germans to put their tree up on Christmas Eve – someone stays back at the house while the others go to church services.  Then when they all arrive the tree is there.  Oh, that sounds so magical…I just can’t wait that long to be honest!)  Yet, the best part for me….the  Christmas Markets  –  Weihnachtsmarkt  –  Les Marches de Noel!   There’s nothin’ like walking through the markets drinking  Gluewein  –  Vin Chaud  –  Hot Wine on a cold day.  Eating a sugary waffle  or  crepes with Nutella  or  flammkuchen – tarte flambee  makes the experience even better!

Good times!!


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