When a light hearted Post turns SERIOUS!

This is a picture my friend Candy took at the Lennon Wall while at our YL Staff time in Prague.  Pretty cool uh?  Lot’s of colors, people’s thoughts, words from Beatles’ songs and pretty much whatever the writer wanted to say.  I have a thing for graffiti, so I love this wall.  I posted this picture on Facebook, even made it my profile picture.  Then I saw the writing at the bottom! I’m pretty sure none of us saw this when we were taking pictures.   Sorry if anyone finds this offensive.  I debated whether to crop it out…but thought it’s pretty much what I like about it the most.  Love…yes…I love “Love”!  It is all we need.  (someone pointed out you could read “All you need is Amy”….but that’s not it 😀 )

Yet, then there’s this…..  “$#%^ Happens”!

When Life Sucks:  Coming home from church on Sunday, I was sad.  Being in a German church and still not knowing the language well, keeps me from relationships that I desire so deeply.  As I shared my thoughts and struggles with Brent, and he listened well….this was his final response.  “I’m sorry your life sucks!”  He meant it with love and compassion.  I thought about this.  I’ve used this expression many times.  But today my response is different.  Here’s what I think:

“No..life doesn’t suck.  Life is good, it’s full of color and movement, it’s full of creativity and emotions, it’s full of loved ones and things that are good.  Life is beautiful and should be embraced!  It’s way better  than the alternative (and before you think that I don’t think Heaven will be amazing…bear with me here!)  What sucks, is many of the circumstances we find ourselves in.  That’s what it is really…not life!   It’s the circumstances that come our way, that we either embrace, accept, change, or allow to rob us of any kind of joy or peace.  It’s those things that break our hearts – the events, the losses, the experiences, the brokenness of the world around us or my favorite….mis-placed expectations!  Life is there – to be experienced (a thought that came from a movie we just watched “The Way”…check it out!).  It’s how we allow the circumstances that come our way, to constantly redefine how we will experience it.  It’s why I see friends living with peace in the midst of great pain….or our Haitian friends that laughed and lived life with gusto in the midst of poverty and hardships.  Or others that retreat into the darkness of their pain.

What is my answer for now?  I have different mantras that I try to live my life by.  Here’s one of them:  “My circumstances do not define who God is!”  I have to cling to Truth because sometimes I don’t feel loved, or feel like He cares or is with me…sometimes I chose to believe those lies.  So, today I am challenged , to have fresh eyes for the situations I find myself in.  Am I willing to listen to truth or lies?  Am I willing to embrace where I am and allow God to do something new in my life?  Am I willing to change those things in my life that rob Life?  Am I willing to let go – when it all feels so incredibly heavy and impossible, when “@%$# Happens” – and let God be my source of Life?  Do I allow Him to define the worth of my life and not my circumstances?


4 thoughts on “When a light hearted Post turns SERIOUS!

  1. Love this post so much. I decided the whole reason this wall was created in the first place…and still exists, is because #*@& Happens. Wish we were around to sit with you guys at church and wondering what was being said. Haha. Love you, dear friend.

  2. Amy, I’m more and more convinced that Anna was right when she said we’re kinda alike from the inside! And I’m loving the fact that I don’t have to feel alone! Thanks again ❤

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