it’s not about……SIZE ZERO!

DSC_4564 - Version 2

This is a window display in Luzern, Switzerland. The rest of the sign says….size zero, but I can’t remember ever wearing a size zero, so I will have to fill in my own ending to the statement!

Greatest weight loss program EVER!  Here’s a new thought for me…instead of wearing jeans that, at this point of time, are just way to tight…I decided to buy a pair of jeans one size up.  Can I tell you how scary going up a size can be…but Guess what?   NO MORE MUFFIN TOP!  It worked!

Ok, before you think I’ve totally lost it….let me explain.  There’s a serious reason for this post.  A recurring theme of my posts have been about Grace.  Once again…I am needing to put into place, the posture of Grace…this time for myself.

For too many years, I have struggled with how I look and have been obsessed with my weight.  It can determine my mood and emotions at any given moment.   It’s something that I remember thinking about and struggled with since I was 8 yrs old.  Weight was always a focus in our family.  For many years I had struggled with one form of an eating disorder or another.  I have faced this beast in my life head on and have won and lost many battles.  I have dug deep and understand the depth of where these struggles come from.  God has brought healing and health in many of these areas in my life of which I give Him praise!

I AM NOT DEFINED BY THE SIZE OF MY JEANS:   So before you may think that buying a larger size of jeans may not be the best form of taking care of myself…I disagree!   You see for me….getting to a place where I can love myself no matter what size of jeans I wear is the BEST place for me to be.  Yes, I will continue to work on losing the extra pounds I have put on these past years, I will win some times and I will lose some times.  But it will be because I desire to be healthy, not for my worth and value.  This is a long journey I am on, for the struggle is very real at times.  Yet with the affirmation of a loving husband and amazing friends – I get to listen to truth from their point of view and not the destructive messages I choose to many times to listen to in my own head.

So…it’s about this….:  My worth and value is in who Christ is and who he is making me into be.  I am more than the size of my jeans, I am more than what I’ve done or what I will or will not accomplish.  I am loved and I am of value, I am worth dying for!  It’s all about perspective!


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