About Us

This is us…Brent and Amy Wolff.  We have been taking pictures together now for  31 years.  31 years of many adventures, lot’s of stories, good times and tough times.

We wanted to start a blog…not because we are trying to express our creativity as writers.  Many people have that gift…not so much us.  Brent can’t spell and my grammer is poor.   But we wanted to do this because we live in Germany, far from all our family and many friends.  We wanted a way by which we could still share our lives, share our thoughts, our struggles, and our excitements while being seperated by an ocean!

We hope to entertain, enlighten, challenge, share photos, and most importantly – be real!

It will be fun to look back and see where we have been and the experiences we will have had….the thoughts we expressed, and then to see where we have changed.

While most of the post will be by me – Amy….I can’t wait for Brent to contribute from time to time as well.  Some post may be long…I tend to write the way I talk…and I am very good at talking.  Some day’s it may just be a photo or quote or scripture or a funny story to share.  But this will be our story.  Our journey.  Thanks for taking the time to walk along side of us!


Brent and Amy Wolff


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